I grew up in Vancouver surrounded by mountains.  When I moved to Las Vegas, the mountains got a lot smaller.  When I moved to Nebraska, the mountains were gone.  People ask if I miss seeing the mountains, and I have to answer “no”.  I love the wide open skies and the feeling of freedom that I get from a distant horizon.  One of my new goals as a photographer is to capture the subtle beauty of the south-central Nebraska area that I now call home.  Shooting the sunsets is a good step towards that goal.  You can visit my related site “PrairieSunsets.com” for more images, wallpapers, etc.

Prints of this series are available here.

I made a video using many of the sunset images that I have captured.  My friend Glenn Grayson composed a soundtrack for it.  Here it is:

Prairie Sunsets from Art Whitton on Vimeo.

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