Once Were Dreams – A Look Back at Style

I have a soft spot for old, rusty, junked cars and trucks. When I see one getting towed down the highway, I always think to myself, “That was once someone’s dream”. I try to imagine the vehicle as it was in the showroom. I think of the original owner beaming with pride at their new ride. I also wonder about the future of the vehicle; is it a restoration project? parts car? being sold for scrap? Our vehicles tell a story, and we tell stories of our vehicles. Sometimes we name them or talk to them – or goad them into reaching that next stop for gas!

In the spring of 2022, there was a gathering of these rusty souls on a patch of farmland nearby in preparation for an auction. The landowner was kind enough to let me stroll through with my camera and get some shots.

My goal here is to showcase some of the character of these vehicles. Most of them are trucks that people would have used for any variety of tasks until they could no long do the work. Then they were put out to pasture and left, forgotten and exposed to the elements. They each have a unique look and the details show that the engineers cared about the styling. Those small touches still look elegant and invoke an long lost era.

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