Just 2 days after writing up a camera checklist to review before shooting, I messed up. I actually sat in the truck and checked everything according to my list – more than ever, it was fresh in my mind. Everything was set perfect – or so I thought.

In my haste to get going, I must have set the Shooting mode to Manual. The first few shots looked ok, so I didn’t check (chimp) my photos after that. Yep, I had pressed the Mode button, then wheeled right past Shutter priority. This cost me some potentially nice shots of backlit geese and deer. How do deer know to pose when my camera’s setting are off, and run when I’m set. Oh well,

This is what I got from last night’s shooting – I’ll try again tonight after a double review of my settings.

deer and cattle

For the most part, I got a lot of these – I came across a pond next to a road that was filled with Snow Geese.  They all took and were backlit by the sun.  What a great shot this should have been – it sucks to be me sometimes.

vastly overexposed geese