On August 24, 2017 organizers and volunteers of the 2018 Cattlemen’s Ball toured the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center in Omaha.

A “record number” of people were part of this tour which showed the area’s support for this worthy cause.  The tour started in Hebron as we boarded the buses and picked up a few more people along the way.  Once at the center we were treated to a fine lunch and a passionate presentation by Kenneth Cowan, MD, PhD who is the director of the Center.

After lunch we broke into four groups and received tours of the facilities.  We were shown most sections of the center including research laboratories, healing gardens and many of the public spaces.

It was an inspiring tour, which affected us all.  It was wonderful to see the goal of what will be months of hard work.

After the tour, our group stopped at the Friend County Club for dinner before returning to Hebron.

Thank you to everyone who was able to make this trip possible!

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